Slipstream is a brand designed and developed for the car care industry. The products are manufactured for the use in commercial car wash sites, car dealerships and car detailers.

Slipstream products are manufactured in Australia and the United States and are sold in these markets as well as New Zealand, China, South Korea and the Middle East.

The Slipstream product range contains a full range of products for the following applications:

  • Automatic Car Wash Tunnels
  • Automatic Car Wash Friction and Touch Free
  • Self Serve Car Wash
  • Dealership Pre-Delivery and Service Wash Products
  • Detailing Products

The Slipstream brand was launched in 2005 with its world class leading product “Slipstream 30” which was the worlds first 30 day protectant wax with a drying agent in it eliminating the need for two products (wax and
drying agent).  Slipstream 30 and many other of our products are used and endorsed by some of the leading OEM’s around the world.